Smart Meter Network provides a web based application to gather data from Electricity Meters, Gas Meters, Water Meters, and other sources via GPRS or Ethernet modems storing the data on Web Servers and providing means by which customers can access their data via a web browser.

We provide our own custom designed modems to collect the data, these modems automatically connect to the Web Server using GPRS or Ethernet, transmitting the data which is then stored on the server. The modems can handle meters with

  1. volt free pulse outputs
  2. IEC 62056 RS485 serial outputs
  3. Modbus RS485 serial outputs
  4. 0-5V Analog signals from Temperature, Wind Speed and Solar radiation sensors.

and also provide two digital outputs that can be used to drive PLC's or relays.

Our Web servers provide constantly updated meter readings (from 1 minute to hourly readings) which can be viewed using a graphical interface to see the changes over a period of time. The data can be exported in spreadsheet format for futher processing, these spreadsheet files can be emailed directly to a recipient at preset times (weekly, monthly etc.).